Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Girl goes Salsa Dancing

So what could be more random than Salsa dancing on a Tuesday night? How about me Salsa dancing on a Tuesday night in a makeshift studio in the upstairs of a pizza and beer joint? That is exactly how I spent my Tuesday night and I must tell you kids, I had a heck of a good time.  Now I have no problem dancing under normal club circumstances, I have natural rhythm and I can shake my ass with the best of them, but this was my first concerted effort at actual real deal dancing with a partner (unless I count the time in NYC when my gf and I got caught in the middle of a swing dancing conference and ended up hijacked on the dance floor for the entire evening, but I digress).

So it started off innocent enough. Boys on one side, girls on the other. Very Junior High dance-ish. The instructors led us through several series of 8 counts and then had us put it all together with a partner. This is where things got interesting. The line up of men was not what I would have considered ideal by normal going-out standards. There was a good mix of ages and builds but overall the group was nothing to get excited about. We took turns with different partners and switched it up throughout the night so we could get used to different dance styles. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised. There were a few very unassuming looking guys that had some very convincing swagga on the dance floor. Good hip action, not afraid to lead, aggressive when they needed to be. I started to have impure thoughts about one of them halfway through the Bachata. I just kind of smiled and kept it to myself though. Afterall, I was there to learn, not hook up right? But there is always next week....
If you have interest in learning the Bachata or just want to imagine me doing it, here is a link for you .. have fun! Bachata Lesson

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  1. you have 69 followers....huh huh huh huh...just saying...I know...I'm 12..whatever

  2. @Lance: That novelty was not lost on me, I have had a giggle or two over it. That's why I was sad I lost one this weekend but had PorkStar join yesterday so I'm back at 69...huh huh huh ;0)

  3. Always wanted to try salsa dancing. When I was in my teens/early 20's, the swing dance revival happened, and I did that for a while... fun stuff.

  4. Lobster wrestling on Sundays is more random than salsa dancing on Tuesdays. Just thought I'd let you know.

  5. I'm thinking you did rather well having only impure thoughts on one of the dudes...I'm pretty damn sure I would've been having impure thoughts about the guys & girls.

    That video...I couldn't take my eyes off the little dude with his short legs, skunked out hair & rather emphasized package.

  6. I;m very jealous...I have been wanting to take salsa lessons forever. I guess I just need to get my ass shaking to a class.

  7. I love salsa music and dancing! Don't feel bad about the impure thoughts, I do it on a regular basis in my hip hop dance class! They guys in there are CALIENTE! lol

  8. I just don't see myself doing it, but you go girl!

  9. I used to LOVE going salsa dancing when I was single! Now I'm married and my husband Although he doesn't mind if I dance with other guys so that's cool. Wait. Why the fuck have I not been salsa dancing in the last six years????

  10. I would love to take an honest to goodness dance class. sounds like you have lots of fun!

  11. @Lost: I shared a little about my one and only venture into swing dancing it was kind of against my will but ended up being good times anyways.

    @Tony: I will have to try the Lobster wrestling thing, might be hard to find around here.

    @Primed: Yes, my ability to control myself was directly related to the quality of boys in the class. Sad but true. One rico suave guy tried to woo me but came off as creepy instead. "A" for effort though

    @Brandi: I would recommend it. I was a little nervous about it but it was a really good time and I laughed a lot if nothing else so find a class and GO!

    @Yvonne: Hip hop class is next on the agenda for me. I can get my swerve on at a club just fine but a little technique would be a bonus. And I'm sure the guys would be much more my speed.

    @Krissy: you totally should find a class and go. There were really all types, ages, etc in mine so it wasn't weird at all like I thought it would be.

    @Heather: Why the fuck haven't you been dancing in the last six years?? If he is ok with it, do it. Let him watch. He will think it's for him!

    @Amber: You should totally do it! You would have so much fun! Sign up, let me know how it goes!

  12. This sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to hear more about your salsa-ventures, darling.~

  13. Oohhh...possible hook up with somebody you already know can move those hips...very exciting. I don't care if it never actually my head it has. haha.

    I will stick to Zumba...actual dance steps are not my thing...I have some swagga on the dance floor but don't play by the rules well. I like to move how I wanna move.

  14. @sweet Kat: I will be sure to keep you posted on my salsa-ventures. I have committed to every Tuesday with the exception of next since I will still be out of town but I plan on making it a regular thing. Yet another skill I will have that will never get me anywhere useful!

    @Jewels: I have always considered dancing a little bit of a qualifier for skill level in other areas and it has usually been pretty spot on. I doubt any of these guys will be able to close the deal with me though, I usually have a good feel for that right away as well.
    I need to try zumba. The one dance instructor does those classes as well so I might check it out. I'm not a big rule follower either so letting someone lead me is a not a natural thing. We shall see...

  15. Zumba is a lot of fun and seriously works the sexy
    love to try salsa dancing sometime. Unfortunately dont think hubby would be up for it. Maybe one day

  16. I salsa at least once a week if not more on the weekend it's such a great way to meet people! and the instructors are always fit...and uninhibited

  17. Special Agent and I tried a swing dancing class for a few weeks and it almost led to our demise. I did not realize one could be competitive at swing dancing, but I was wrong. Him barking "ok! Concentrate! We can do this!!" didn't really bring out the romance, ya know?

    Now we just get drunk on tequila and the dancing comes naturally. The public nudity is unnatural.

  18. @Mynx: I really need to try zumba, everyone I know who does it loves it. Salsa was fun... and a pretty good work out as well surprisingly enough.

    @G: Wow, you are a salsa rockstar! I would love to do it more often but I want to take a bunch of lessons before i head to a club because I have no clue how to transition into real life at this point!

    @onion: Sounds like he sucked all the fun right out of the adventure! That awesome! I also enjoy drunken tequila dancing also, if there were classes for that, I would never miss one!

  19. One of things I love about salsa is this weird dichotomy it has. You get all hot and heavy with someone for three minutes then the song is over and its like handshake, thanks and who's next. I have a blog all about salsa if you are interested to check it out.
    Anyway great post and don't stop dancing. Every time I go somewhere new I check out the salsa scene and instantly have social network I can access.

  20. @salse: Thanks for the comment, I will check out your blog too. I would like to get a comfort level where I could just go into a salsa club and be proficient enough to just go with the flow but I am far from that at this point. Practice makes perfect I guess... and I intend to keep practicing.

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