Saturday, March 19, 2011

Random Girl Does Poetry - Your Memory Haunts

Just for a change of pace this weekend, a post that has nothing to do with anything related to sex. Let's see how many followers I lose out of sheer disappointment. Fear not kids, I will be back to my regularly scheduled programming soon. In the meantime you can catch my randiness at The Dude Society if you just can't wait.

Your Memory Haunts

Your memory has been haunting me
I wish you would just leave
Take your words and your love
Take your smile and your heart
And just go

You left but you still linger here
In my thoughts
In my mind
In my dreams
I love you but I can’t have you here any more

You were not good for me
You were so much more
And you were too much
And I was not enough
And we could never work
So just leave

You loved me dangerously
You overpowered me
No longer myself
But part of you
Under your control

Your control was not love
It was wicked and sick
Crushing who I was
To make me who you wanted

I was wrong, always wrong
Impatience with my ignorance
You tolerated me only momentarily
And then you forced me to submission

It was only your way, no other
To strangle with twisted love
To beat with deceitful words
Making me concede defeat

Your need to be right
Your need to control
Your need to take me
You need to take me over

You memory has been haunting me
I wish you would just leave


  1. nice change of pace...but still looking forward to a return to regular topics

  2. @G: Thanks for putting up with the other side of RG... I won't make you deal with it too often, promise!

  3. When you write like that I don't mind AT ALL the change of pace. You are much more than soft core porn and sex talk, sweets. That was hauntingly beautiful. I don't know many women who doesn't have a guy lingering in a corner of their heart/mind that they wish they could purge. Wonderfully written. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Only a dumbass would unfollow you for sharing something so beautiful, love. There is so much truth in this poem. It's so tragically beautiful...

  5. @Jewels and sweet Kat: I love you girls. Truly! You are always so supportive. That is priceless and treasured to my heart. Thanks and kisses!


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