Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Girl at The Dude Society - Would Your Phone Get You Busted?

That's right kids, Random Girl has her second post published at the mens magazine The Dude Society. Yahoo!! I'm excited, can you tell???

This article is about all of the things that might be found on one's cell phone, sexts, racy picks, naughty videos, and the havoc that would wreak if your girl got a hold of it!

Please hop over to The Dude Society , give it a look, and show your girl some love! I'd love to keep writing there and need your support to make that happen. Big Randy kisses to you all! *MWAH*
Here is a peak at the article:

Would Your Phone Get You Busted?

Are the texts, pics, and videos you are carrying around with you on your handy dandy smartphone right now enough to get you busted by your girl if she were to sneak a peek?


  1. That was a great post. And no nothing on my phone would get me into trouble with my left hand (since I am not dating anyone).

  2. Good post, my phone cost me ten quid and is so basic it practicaly runs on steam. Any texts I don't want anyone to see get deleted after I read them. Anyone with more than one mobile phone is up to something.

  3. I'm not judging, I have some highly inappropriate things on my phone for sure. I just don't have anyone in rotation at the moment that would care enough to snoop or be mad. Ahh the joy of being single! Let the scandal commence!

  4. Oh, and if you would care to post comments at too, that would great since I am trying to build my street cred with the editor there! Big Randy Kisses! XOXO

  5. Loved the article (knew I would) and left you a comment there. Congrats on your success over at The Dude Society! :) You deserve it. Wonderfully written and oh so true!! I think I may have to write a post about my "test" and link you up to it. hehe.

  6. @Jewels: Thanks for your love and support sweet thing! I appreciate it SO much!

  7. Um, I'll brb. I need to clean my phone up. *cough*

    Great article!

  8. @Lost: so I'm not alone in having.. inappropriate material.. in my phone? So glad I am in such good company! Check out when you get a chance. It's a great mag and I could use the comment love there so the editor know I rock! Thanks!


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