Saturday, March 5, 2011

His Night

"His Night"

Laying here, now alone
where we were just together
candle still flickers in the corner
tonight had been new, different
it was your night and that was for you

You in control, telling me what you wanted to do to me
and I let you 
I let you do everything and you loved it
tied up, trapped right where you want me
open to you, to look at and touch
taste and to take 
it's your night and this is for you

I had pulled out the stops tonight 
it was all about you
what you wanted
from the location to the lingerie
you picked it all
in total control 
it's your night and this is for you

I gave it to you 
You gave it back to me, harder
pushing me to a new limit, would I let you?
yes, tonight I will
It's your night and this is for you

Open to you, you take me hard
but we are teasing and taunting
is that all you've got?
it isn't 
you have more, much more 
and I get it all 
it's your night and this is for you

Rise and fall, resisting then together
you tell me the rules and I follow 
you pull my head back and kiss me hard 
my hair twisted in your hand, pulled just how I like
yes, tonight I am yours
it's your night and this is for you

No not yet, I won't let you 
yes now, I can't stop it
It's something bigger than either of us
and it must be now
together we go
once and then again 
it's your night and this is for you

The aftermath shows what has happened here
items thoughtfully planned
now recklessly discarded 
used up, full of moments ago
served the purpose and intent 
achieved the desired result
it was your night and that was for you


  1. I LOVE it! OMG darling this is inspired! I can't wait for Jewels to read it. You definitely will have to create something for her Naughty Nothings now. Brilliant job, sweetie.~ *mwah!*

  2. wow great poem....lucky guy

  3. Since it's My Night, I read half of it, fell asleep in the middle, and woke up and need a sammich. XD

  4. Wow. I'm going to go stand in a cold shower for awhile. Great post.

  5. FUCK ME! No really...please...I'm totally into you right now. I'd switch teams for you! That was amazing!! What a night you had, sweets. How good does your body feel right now!? Oh...I'm insanely jealous.

    I shouldn't have to invite you over to Naughty know you are always welcome to post over there! Just let me know.

  6. @sweet Kat: Thanks love! You know I was little nervous about this so I appreciate your cheering me on darling! *mwah*!

    @G: Thanks for the comment, and yes, I believe he is a lucky guy but that's just my opinion.

    @ET: Need I even say "typical" or will my usual exasperated eye roll suffice?

    @20: Hope you enjoyed your cold shower darling...

    @Jewels: I love it when you are bossy, you sexy thing! Glad you found it inspiring. It's totally fiction...yeah,... made it all up.. um..

    @Absolutely: Thanks for comment love, glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Fucking fabulous. No question about it.

  8. Whew... that was too much. It may have been his night last night, but it's MY night tonight!


    The Simple Dude

  9. I didn't start to breathe heavy at all... not at all.
    I second Simple Dude: more!
    All those in favor say "aye".

  10. *ahem* bow chicka bow wow. I need more nights like that.

  11. @Aimee: Yes, dear, it really kind of was. Oh wait, you mean the post don't you? Sorry, I got confused

    @SD: Glad you found a way to make it about you darling. You are welcome. Glad you came along for the ride.

    @lex: Enjoyed it huh? Good! As for more, you gotta give a girl a minute to recover princess! There will be more, you know me well enough by now don't you?

    @Duke: I would highly recommend you talking your lady into giving you at least one night like that. She will be glad she did, unless she sucks and then I'm sorry.

  12. Wow, that got my blood flowing and my Girlfriend isnt here... nice poem think im gonna steal a few tricks for when she gets back

  13. @Malkavian: Thanks for visiting Random Girl. Glad you found it stimulating. Let me know how it goes with the GF when you throw down your new moves on her! Good Luck!

  14. amazing! I'm a RandomGirl fan for sure, for good. :)

  15. @Facts: Thanks for peeking through the window at Random Girl. Glad you liked what you saw. Stick around ok??

  16. I will for sure be sticking around! you have such a free spirit and it's extremely inspiring!

  17. @Facts: Awww, thanks! I appreciate that hon!


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