Monday, March 7, 2011

Childhood Dreams - Studio Thirty Plus Prompt

This weeks prompt from the good people at Studio Thirty Plus was simply: Childhood Dreams.
Of course I take a twist on that. Hope you enjoy.
Oh and if you haven't already, you need to join Studio Thirty Plus asap! It is a great writing community with some amazing talent.

Childhood Dreams

Hiding in the closet
My little girl self
Waiting for it to be safe again

Door locked
But that didn’t keep it out
It only kept me in

Pounding steps on the hardwood floor
Far away then getting close
It knows I am here

The doorknob turns
Slowly as if to let the terror I feel build
I know closing my eyes will do no good
It won’t go away

Walking towards the door that hides me
It stands in front
Knowing I am watching through the crack
Unable to breathe for fear of being found

But I have already been found
The wicked smile on its face tells me so
I was never really hidden
It knew where I was all along

This is no childhood dream
Only a nightmare
Hiding in the closet
With it standing right in front of me


  1. This could go so many places. Interesting

  2. Fantastic! I felt like I was in the closet with you...straining my little eye to see just a bit further through the crack in the door.

  3. I'm having so much fun reading the dreams from this prompt. It makes me feel a little less bizarre ;) Beautiful job.

  4. Now I want to know what it was! I love how the last word of each stanza could stand alone, excellent.

  5. @pia: Thanks for the comment. Wasn't really sure where it was going, but maybe I could do a part 2?

    @Primed: I'm glad you were there with me, thanks for the comment

    @Deus: I know, I felt like I would be the only craziness in a bunch of happy little thoughts... not everyone works that way I guess. You always do such a great job of capturing images in your words I appreciate your compliment more than you know!

    @Yvonne: Thanks for the great feedback. I wrote this from the perspective that everyone has their own fear or boogie man that seems to find them no matter how well they try to hide.

    @G: Thanks for the comment. Glad you came back to Random Girl.


  6. I love your take on the prompt. It's very creative and the twist is great...and something I would expect from you.

  7. OK...why have I never read you before? This is amazing. Period. The End. Amen.

    What a twist you have done and I need to get that little girl right now. Stop her from waiting and whisk her to a place that is vast with love and light!

  8. No FAIL for you. Good stuff. Twisted? Yeah, maybe a skoshe. But I liked it. It gave me the heebeegeebee's. (sp chk)

  9. Jesus, I'm staying out of the closet. Not that I am sayin I am gay.

  10. @NkdGirl: you had to have known I would twist this simple prompt somehow right? I can just never let it be simple. Glad you liked it sweetie!

    @CrayonWrangler: Thank you thank you for such high praise! I swing wildly from sex to poetry so today was kind of a fluke but I'm glad you found it enjoyable. Thanks for checking out Random Girl!

    @ib: first I hurt you then give you the jeebeegeebees? I'm shocked you still follow based on how much I F with your head. So sorry love!

    @Tony VH: It can be scary in the closet, no doubt. It always find you. I would just run instead.

  11. Oooh, shivers!

    Love that the nightmare is outside and the poor child is inside... despite wanting to turn on the lights and snuggle the child.

  12. Oh my goodness. Terrifying and sad but wonderfully written. I love the flow of the poem...great job, sweets!

  13. So sad, but very beautiful, darling. You have such a talent for writing poetry.~

  14. Oh RG, if I didn't like, I would not come back for more. I like the (j)eebeegeebee's, as well as the heebeegeebee's. :o) (I hate those damn things)

  15. @moveover: that is what I was hoping for, a call to action that someone would want to save her and keep her safe. Too many kids don't have someone that wants to save them.

    @Jewels & sweet Kat: thank you both for being such wonderful cheerleaders for my work. I truly love and appreciate you both! *mwah*!

    @ib: glad you keep coming back even though I typo like a motha f'er sometimes!!

  16. I do love this side of you. Your serious, poetic side. You have such a knack for transporting me right into whatever you are describing. I'm just a scared little girl right now. And I feel like I should hug you right now. Wonderful work. *HUG*

  17. @Hannah: Thanks hon, Hugs to you right back darling! Glad you liked the less Randy RG!

  18. Wow! What a wonderful poem. I am so in love with the structure.

  19. @Bella: Thank you for the wonderful feedback, it's so appreciated!


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