Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shut Up and Pull My Hair....... please!

Maybe it was all the porn-related postings on "Freaky Friday" as I have now dubbed it or maybe it is just that I feel like you kids know me well enough now to be a little more open with you all.

Either way, here goes...

If there was one thing I could say that would sum up how I best liked to be "loved", it would have to, beyond any doubt, be "Shut Up and Pull My Hair!"

That can be taken literally.

My favorite single bestie and I were lamenting one evening over how complicated guys make it with us. We are not that complicated. If you pay attention even a little bit, you should have a clue. But many don't. We need a T-shirt with that simple instruction on it. Life would be so much easier.

Let me break it down for you. It's about finding the right mix of anticipation and aggression. Once you have been green-lighted, and you will know if you have been green-lighted (trust me on that), it's time to handle it.

I don't want to be asked if you can kiss me. I want you to look at me, really look at me, like a look that tells me I am about to be in very big trouble. Then I want you to push me up against the wall, pin my hands above my head, and kiss me like you mean it. If I respond favorably, and I most likely will to a kiss like that, keep doing it. And feel free to run your hands through my hair and give it a nice firm, prolonged tug. No really. Do it please.

It's that easy, really. A kiss like that leaves no room for questions or shyness. The intentions are clear.

That friends, is what the "Shut Up and Pull My Hair" sentiment is really all about.

I have to put the disclaimer out there that this approach may not be appropriate for all women.  And never, under any circumstances, consider doing this if the green-light moment has not arrived. This could scare the shit of a meek and mild manner second-virginity type of lady and I don't want to be responsible for that so use your very best judgement ok guys? And, when in doubt or if totally clueless, ask her how she likes to be kissed.

But, and I think you ladies will agree (since most of you are fellow freaks in the blogworld), most women really want to be kissed like this and the rewards will be very....enjoyable...  for you men brave enough to just "Shut Up and Pull My Hair".

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Guys and ladies alike. Don't be shy kids....



  1. God how I agree with you. No girl wants a guy asking "Is this okay?", "What do you want to do?", "Can I kiss you now?"

    Be a man! Just friggin' do it when you think the time is right and see what happens. WIMPS I tell you.

    Sorry.. this is something I actually feel pretty passioante about.

  2. I know you know where I stand on this my darling Randy. ;-) However I never tire of talking about sex so I'll say that I absolutely agree with you. It's like "Okay you've managed to get into my bedroom with your sensitive talk about how you cried when you saw "The Notebook" and you build terrariums on the weekends, but now you need to man up and at least ATTEMPT to take charge!"

    The best lover I had, though I'd never tell him because his ego was even bigger than his impressive *ahem*, was another fighter and I guess it was because he believed me when I told him to just go for it because I didn't like him taking charge, I could break him in half before he knew it.

    I'll make sure to remember to pull your hair when we make out, my darling girl.~ ;-)

  3. I have never had a problem just going for it. The worst thing that will happen is that she'll say "what the hell are you doing??" and that doesn't happen too often, since you obviously see the signals.

    Plus I'm just irresistible like that. Ok, it's mainly because I can see the signals.

    The Simple Dude

  4. @Annah: Thanks for the comment. You know I am on the same page as you girlie, this post was long overdue, it really should be taught in the sex-ed classes that all the boys get in school. This would get them so much further with the girls. Glad you approve!

    @my Sweet Kat: Oh lover, I knew you would agree! So excited for the aforementioned hair pulling in our make out session, we will be amazing together *(giggles like a schoolgirl)*. And for the record you are nice than I am, if he cried at The Notebook and/or makes terrariums on the weekends, there is not a shot in hell that he would ever make it to my bedroom. Just sayin'

    @SD: Thanks for checking out Random Girl. Hope you have enjoyed your time here! I am so glad and not at all surprised to hear that you are a "just go for it" kind of guy. Kind of makes me want to make out with you too! Yeah, so, let's do ok?

  5. I do love how you give the warning about the green light signal being given first. I got a chuckle out of visualizing a timid girl being kissed like that.

    "And never, under any circumstances, consider doing this if the green-light moment has not arrived. This could scare the shit of a meek and mild manner second-virginity type of lady."

  6. I agree, sweetie, I was exaggerating just a bit.~

  7. @Heather: I know, I can see it now, the wide-eyed, terrified look from the virginal proper girl, poor thing doesn't know what she's missing but to each their own I guess. She'll catch on eventually!

    @my Sweet Kat: I knew you would never invite such as sensitive guy into your lair, who needs disappointment like that? Not you princess! You are much too badass for that ! xoxo

  8. I couldn't agree more. Nothing is worse than a guy asking "Can I kiss you?" "Was that kiss okay?" or "Is this alright?" Just fucking grow a set and do it. Be a confident man and just take charge. I love when guys do that.

    I give off the right signals and I make it abundantly clear that I'm interested, negating the fear of being shot down...I make it clear I'm into just go for it! Shy, timid, or sexually passive men just don't cut it for me.

  9. Well, I came.
    here to say that some guys are just raised that way, like myself. It is not in my nature to pull hair, push a chick up against a wall and get all Ben Roethlisberger on her. That is why I never hooked up with naughty chicks. It's not that I didn't want too I don't think I could have pulled it off.

  10. I'm going to have to say that I totally understand this. It is pretty close to my signature move. After the initial kiss I usually pull the chicks hair to tilt her head, then graze her neck with my teeth...

  11. @Jewels: What? You? Giving signals? I can't imagine that you don't maintain a complete sexual poker are such a sexy vixen! And I agree, I have to maintain and control every other thing in my life by mandate not choice so if I can't get a little help in the bedroom with taking over, really??? Not going to last long with me either.

    @ib: I totally understand that some guys have been told the opposite for their entire lives. That's what good girls expect and the rules they put on you. That's why good girls suck! Just my opinion.
    There are so few areas of life where you can really just let go and enjoy it for what it is. Sex, or in this case, kissing, is one of them. I have faith in you ib, that if you decided you were going to take control and handle the situation as recommended above with the right girl, it would be a smashing success, and you would never look back!

  12. @Not the Hero: Excellent! If there was ever a go to move to have, that would be the one. Just sets the perfect tone for everything else. I may be wanting to make out with you now too... wow, this list is getting long!

  13. So I was over at Not the Hero's place and I saw the kissing comment and damned if I couldnt pass up the opportunity to check it out and damn. Thanks for putting out such a wonderful...public service announcment?

    The agressive hair pull take me kind of kiss is my FAVORITE!!!! I need to go find someone to man up and make out with me now!

  14. PS...I eat timid guys for dinner :)

    Im getting to old to teach someone to do something as simple as kissing

  15. I have been reduced to a timid guy that doesn't have any onions. Whoa is me.

  16. And, as you pull away, just to hear her moan with approval, you graze her open mouth with your lips, just enough to make her come at you. Just teasing her ever so slightly, as if to make her wonder if that was the last kiss she will have tonight. As she leans in, your fistful of her hair, right at the base of her skull, you tug again, lean her head back, and devour her.

  17. End transmission...You really shouldnt taunt randy women in such a manner...You may get attacked at the first possible opportunity.

  18. Stopped over from Not the Hero because I saw all the commotion about some comment that he made that I needed to see! Glad I came by though. Loved your blog - you have a new follower in me :)

  19. @Brandi: Thanks for visiting me! And for the awesome comment, yet another sister-in-freak! You are in very good company here darling, I assure you.

    @ib: You have not been reduced to anything. You are whatever you decide to be sir. Decide wisely!

    @ET: Brandi is right, it's not nice to taunt but damn, I do love the narrative. You my dear sir, have indeed nailed the concept. Well done. You should consider writing a smut piece with me for a guest post at Naughty Nothings. We could do a he said/she said scene. It would be hot, but I must warn you, you may fall in love with me. Just sayin'... But keep worshiping me in the mean time as you have yet to repay your Rick Roll debt.

    @Tracy: Oh goodie! Welcome to Random Girl! Glad you liked what you found here and thanks for the follow! There is seldom a dull moment here and thanks to fellow freaks, there is lots of fun to be had!

  20. I don't know what to say!?!? You kinky devil!

  21. All this talk is getting me all hot and bothered. Between your fabulous post, Randy Girl, and the comments of Hero and ET, I'm practically eating out of their hands. But you all have it nailed. (Haha, no pun intended!) It's the perfect combination of aggression and temptation. Of teasing and devouring. Oh my, I need to go take a cool shower. My face is getting rather warm.

  22. @Simon: I think your last 3 words say it all sir. Is it that obvious??? (blushes)

    @Hannah: I feel you girl but I would think twice before eating out of Hero or ET's hands, you have no idea where those hands have been and if I had to guess, I would say ewww, just ewww. I'm glad you got the sentiment of the post though. Have fun with that cool shower darling.

  23. LOL RandyGirl! You might be right about eating out of their hands!

  24. @ Ib: I think most men are raised with the "women are princesses" mentality. I think that's where many of us bad girls come from. Being a princess is fun and all sometimes, but being babied gets really damn old. We want a man who's willing to take what he wants and leave no prisoners, mark your damn territory with a handprint on my ass, you know? It's cool, not all bad girls least not without permission ;)

  25. I know exactly where my hands have been. I use utensils...

  26. @Not the Hero: I know darling, all in good fun! No offense meant, I promise. I just know that most guys I know spend time fondling their boys with little awareness that it is happening. I am sure you are the exception though. xoxo love!

  27. Way I see it there are 2 ways to fuck. there's the "omg the sexual tension is too much, lets do it up against the wall" which will involve lots of hair pulling and all that other rough stuff. The other way is the more sensual kind. Wine, dine, lots of foreplay and then the "love making" (hate that phrase though)

    Anyways enjoyed the read, made me hard. followed.

  28. Lol... the "I use utensils" was meaning that I don't even eat out of my hands...

  29. @Duke: I agree with you, like any good piece of equipment, there has to be multiple settings to make it work right. But obviously, my preference has been made clear. Glad enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for the follow and welcome to Random Girl.

    @Not the Hero: Oh shit, there I go thinking I offended and you really are a sicker fuck than I realized. Excellent! Glad we are friends love xoxo

  30. Yes, we are the same person. I need a man who is MAN. I had a boy toy like that once. Ahhh....

  31. @lex: Thanks for visiting Random Girl! Glad you can relate girlie. We may very well be the same person... that's fun! And yahoo for boy toys, boy toys that shut up and pull your hair are even better!

  32. i'd leave a witty comment but all my blood just rushed to my lady head.

    i make decisions all day, i want someone to tell me what i need, and give it to me. hard.


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