Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Shut It Down, the power of "The Face"

There have been few times in my life that I have seen something so relevant, so pointed, so genius, that it literally as Oprah would say "shakes me to my core". This ladies and gentleman, is one of those times.
I cannot tell you the number of times that my friends and I have been "dance raped" as she so eloquently puts it and if I had only known then the power "the face" could have, I would be a different person today.
This should be a public service announcement. For real.
Ladies, pay attention.

Thanks to Jewels at Jewels Turning 30 for bringing this to the light of day. You should follow Jewels, she has GPS and can get you there safely.


  1. I especially loved the "Can I get pregnant from this?" line!

  2. Hilarious

    I will be showing this to my teenage daughter. Anything that can repel boys, she needs to know. You're a helper, random girl.

  3. @Nikki: I was skeptical at first but she totally delivered. Who hasn't been there?? Useful safety tips and comedy, spot on!

    @Hannah: I agree, that was probably one of the most classic lines? Sad but true... there is a time or two that I have been left wondering what level of violation to categorize a dance encounter under. One more reason why you won't find me dancing in a skirt....ever...

    @Lance: I wasn't kidding about the public service value of this video. Make your daughter watch it, and she can call me later with questions if it gets awkward watching it with her dad. I am here to help!

  4. I LOVE that you are spreading this video further...I cannot get enough of it. It makes me laugh everytime I watch it and I'm up to like 20 times-it just never gets old.

    And for the rock! :-) Thanks!!

    "The minute your penis touches my butt hole without me knowing it...I'm not happy!" hahahaha

  5. I was kinda disappointed that Jewels knew the guy that came up to us at the bar because I so wanted to use the face on him. ;-P


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