Saturday, February 19, 2011

Double Booked Friday

Friday night was not shaping up to be stellar based on how it started. Fireman was chaperoning his younger brother and a friend at the local strip bars (he's 24, that's what they do I hear) but texted me continually to let me know that those girls have nothing on me. He says the sweetest things to me...sigh., what a charmer right? We had tentative plans for him to come my way at the end of the night but he kept throwing at the disclaimer that he couldn't promise anything which usually means it's not happening. I assumed he would get drunk and that would be the end of it. As of 11, that is what it was looking like.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
My plans with "The Man" had once again failed to materialize. Deciding that enough was enough, I opened up the long overdue conversation. It went surprisingly well. We talked on the phone for quite a while and got a much better feel for where we fit into each other's situations. I told him I don't want a serious relationship and I know that I am not the girl or the situation that he sees for himself longterm and that is fine but I do still expect a certain amount of courtesy and respect if I am going to invest in him for whatever amount of time. He clarified quite a few things for me as far as where he is at and we both came to the conclusion that we wanted to continue in some sort of relationship and that it was ok to just be undefined. We both realized we were home, in bed early, on a perfectly good Friday night. He decided he was coming over. That's when things got interesting.
Shortly after he told me he was coming over, Fireman decided he needed to see me as well. So I went from a quiet evening at home by myself to a scheduling conflict that I was ill-prepared for. "The Man" was already on his way, which gave me 15 minutes to figure out a way to call off Fireman. He was not taking no for answer. Finally, I just told Fireman that the other one was on his way. Fireman had full disclosure from the very beginning of "The Man" and how things would be prioritized so he wasn't surprised. He was actually a good sport about it. Except for the fact that he thought it would be hysterical to continue to text me relentlessly through the night in an attempt to cock-block "The Man".
"The Man" on the other hand, does not know about Fireman. Nor does he need to. I has nothing to do with him and I or our situation. He was slightly annoyed at the continual phone interruptions, even the blinking light annoyed him so I eventually turned it off completely so we could focus on enjoying ourselves without further interruption. A small part of me was worried that Fireman in his usual mischievous mood, would think it cute to show up at my house knowing full well that I already had company. Luckily, he thought better of it.
In the end, "The Man" and I had a lovely evening. We talked more, laughed a lot, and had amazing sex with an unusually intense sense of urgency. Maybe the thought of losing each other is what we needed to make us appreciate each other just a little more.
Ever find yourself double booked? How did you handle it? Tell me about it kids!


  1. I have a nasty habit of drunk texting more than one guy at the same time and having either nobody respond or all of them and then freaking out to figure out how to manage it but I have avoided having two guys both heading for my place at the same time.

    Firemen are nothing but trouble...but the best possible kind. I have one myself and my god they are fun. Not relationship material but wow! ;)

  2. I have a hard enough time concentrating, or keeping, one woman at a time. I can't imagine trying to keep two happy.

  3. Hahaha! The Fireman is hilarious! I'm glad that your double booking worked out okay, and that you enjoyed yourself, sweetie.~

    And I hate to be such a fucking stick in the mud, responsible person, but you *are* my darling girl and so I have to day something if I think you might be entered choppy waters: I agree that the Man doesn't need to know about the Fireman BUT is he aware that you are both free to see other people? He might be fine with not wanting a relationship, but I just don't want him to act like a shithead to you if he has it in his head that even though you're not his girlfriend, you're somehow "his", y'know?

  4. @Jewels: I have a habit of bored-texting more so than drunk-texting, each get in me in equal amounts of trouble but I am usually a little more clear headed in the strategy if I am sober but bored. And yes, firemen are trouble but lots of fun aren't they??

    @George: I wouldn't recommend a guy trying to keep two women happy. It is much more complicated than the other way around I would think. And, it helps that I am excellent multi-tasker!

    @Kat: Oh my Sweet Kat, you are really too sweet to me! You are not being a fucking stick in the mud, you are being smart and concerned. Many times I have been hit by the train that everyone but me saw coming so I appreciate you calling me out on this. After our talk on Friday, it was pretty clear that we are not "together" as in a solid relationship and we agreed to keep it undefined and just go with it. He said he is not spending time with other girls and that's not what he is going for. I did not say the same. I just warned him never to ask me a question that he didn't want an honest answer to because I will be honest with him. Can't say he wasn't warned. I'm sure it will probably still blow up in my face somehow though, it always does!


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