Monday, February 21, 2011

Celebrating Presidents Day - Who Needs a Parade?

Of all the random holidays to garner me a day off of work, I had the lowest of low expectations for this Presidents Day. I had planned on trying to maximize the day off with a trip to the spa, but it was not to be. The combination of an unexpected ice storm and overbooked massage therapists left me high and dry.  I decided to be productive instead. I cleaned the house and worked out. Now what?

I was settling in to spend some time online reading all of you lovely people's blog posts from the weekend, when who should call me? Fireman. He was done pouting over being bumped off the schedule by "The Man" on Friday and had managed to survive his night out at the strip clubs with his little brother with only getting kicked out of one and not arrested. (If you missed that drama, check out the Double Booked Friday post)

Fireman was excited to learn that I indeed had the day off and an empty house as he was needing to see me during his lunch hour. His words, not mine. My day was definitely looking up. It had been far too long since my last lunch time tryst so I was happy to oblige. He made remarkable time for coming from the other side of of the city in an ice storm but when that boy gets his mind set on something there is nothing stopping him. I guess that's why he makes a good rescue hero.

He had explicit instructions on how he wanted things to be upon his arrival. I gladly accommodated those requests. He is getting a little more assertive the longer we are together and I am finding it to be much a turn on for me. He was downright bossy today. I liked it.

We didn't have a lot of time as he had to get back to the firehouse for the rest of his shift but we managed to make the most of the time that we had. My not-so-exciting day turned around in an unexpectedly pleasant way.  My hats off to the Presidents for making that moment possible. Who needs a parade when a girl has a Fireman? God Bless America!


  1. hahaha. It's always nice to honor the heros...and firemen definately are. At least that's what I tell myself when I know I shouldn't be "entertaining" mine. hahaha.

    Aren't you just a busy beaver? (hahaha. double meaning not intended but too funny to delete) Glad you are having a good day. Much better than mine-which I just posted about.

  2. Happy Presidents' more ways than one

  3. I love how you got frisky with a Firefighter on President's Day, Randy Girl; it's just too perfect. ;-) xxoo

  4. Haha! That last line is so perfect! And I love a take charge man.

  5. @Jewels: Aww sweetie, it sucks that you had to clean up puke today, but your post provided some good comic relief today, even if it did make me gag a little. Oh and aren't you and your double meaning word usage just toooo clever.... Silly girl!

    @Lance: Yes, I was feeling especially patriotic today. Hey, anything to honor the heroes right?!?

    @Kat: Yes Sweet Kat, perfect is a good word for it. I <3 my firefighter, at least today.

    @Hannah: Few things are better than a nice level of aggression. My friend and I always joked that we were going to get T-shirts made that said "Shut up and pull my Hair" just to see how many guys would be ballsy enough to just do it. There's just something about it.... sigh

  6. Those t-shirts would be awesome. I'd like one that said something about pinning me against a wall. ;) Maybe we should make some! I know a great t-shirt company right here where I live! lol

  7. Hey, I'm loving the new layout here. Nice work!

  8. @Hannah: I think we may be on to something with the t-shirt idea. I think we would sell lots, we are not the only girls that like the hair pull/push against the wall shenanigans I'm sure.
    My bestie got me on that was green and said "I recycle boys" only it had the recycling arrows instead of the word. I wouldn't quit going back around with guys I had already given up once. I wear it often!

    @ET: Thanks, still very much a work in progress on the layout thing. I have my up still too, can't figure out who to duplicate so I just copy each post both places. PITA!


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